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I really like flashy-ness and feel that I have run across a bunch of cool sites on the web.  One thing that never surprises me though is running into security holes and vulnerabilities… Especially when I get to see the code from someone’s site.  When it boils down to it, that a developer can have a widget update several counts at the same time to enhance functionality to a user OR the developer can make a call back to the server to see if a username or keyword is available, doesn’t mean that the developer is super l33t.

The ability to build a solution that works inside and out, completely answering the business’ needs is a more valuable trait of a senior developer than any of these things above.  Maybe when you’re interviewing or discussing with potential team mates; mentioning the flashy coolness of AJAX is worth a shot, for small talk.  But a more important conversation about answering the business needs with a subset of functionality that does what the business wants it to do in a robust way is more beneficial.

To boot, using the proper architecture and development strategies to enhance your product with the flashy-ness later in short iterative bursts will show your customer that you are analyzing usage and making all business functionality easier for them.  Spend minimal time to market, then use feedback and user test analysis to decide where your product needs to grow.  Always consider your audience, get them on it first so you not only understand what they’re doing but have a very good idea of HOW they are doing it.  Use your AJAX L33tness and JavaScript skillz to create that “brilliance” that we all know exists and deliver the best product for your customer.

About the Author: JeffAncel
A passionate web developer in St. Louis. Living on the edge with Rails, HTML5, CSS3 and any interesting libraries around. I love to spend time with the family, cook, develop web applications and play with our dragons. When I have nothing else to do, I socialize via twitter (@jancel) and facebook.

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