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Hudson-CI versus Jenkins-CI

The original Hudson crew split off to Jenkins apparently over a disagreement on where to store the source code. In my research, I saw that Hudson-CI name is owned by a large company referencing, so point to Jenkins. Then I started reading an interesting little article, Hudson vs. Jenkins, and it seems that there is more sentiment in the community than once thought. So I thought, let’s see.

On Debian flavors of Linux right now, Hudson seems to be lacking support for their own package manager, point Jenkins. On the latest Ubuntu, when trying to follow their instructions to install Hudson, there is a major issue (that’s right), It doesn’t work. I keep seeing a Size Mismatch. If you provide something, please make sure it works.

Firefox 4.0 support for the latest Hudson or Jenkins package is lacking, It shows loading and when the project has finish loading, they fail to hide the loading image. This is easy to fix though, Use Google Chrome. I feel that this will be acknowledged and fixed in Jenkins first, point Jenkins.

The upgrade to Jenkins was seamless, point to Jenkins.

My recommendation here, is Jenkins. Probably no surprise, since I recommended Postgres early over Mysql, and now Mysql has churned into Drizzle, but I have yet to weigh in my opinion. Disclaimer, my opinion is extremely biased in the open source world, and I feel that some companies just can’t ad WON’T get it (open source); though I won’t mention any names.

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