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Don’t Die on Me

I was bitten by the activity bug when I found out I was becoming an even better risk for blood pressure medicine.  To stave off the consequences of this type of medication (primarily the side effects and having to take it daily), I decided to get active.  Now I’m blogging about it.  Here is a video I found today, that talks about what changing one half hour of your day can equate to.  I have personally committed to about an hour average for myself, but this is a good starting point.

Going Insane

Today I took pictures and measurements in preparation for Insanity workouts and completed the first fit test.  The program had me gasping through the middle, praying for the arches of my feet and my heart beating well throughout with just enough downtime to recover effectively.

I will be using the blog to update status often, along with this commitment comes a want to post back results I can’t find.  I’m looking for 5k beginners time differences  before they have started insanity and after they have completed it.

Help keep me motivated, leave a comment here!

Other activities today are: 45 minutes of Tae Kwon Do, 1 mile benchmark run (which I don’t know if the run is going to happen before this coming Sunday).

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