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MobileMe Important Calendar

By the off chance that you run by this, or see it on Facebook or Twitter, then you might want to run over to MobileMe and update your calendar. It told me I had 19 days left, and the process was somewhat painless (it doesn’t cost anything extra, and I didn’t have anything on my calendars, so YMMV).

Click the button, and enjoy your new interface.

iPad 2 Available at

I ordered my iPad2 at 6AM Central Standard time, so at some point, while I was asleep between 2:30A and 6:00A Apple started selling the iPad2. When I grabbed it at 6AM, the schedule was 5-7 days before it ships and 5-7 days before it arrives. I guess the free shipping is going through snail mail.

I’m going to go out a little later today to see if I can get mine earlier. If you’re buying one, good luck with your venture.

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