Show ActiveRecord SQL in Rails 3 Console

If you want to show sql in your console for Active Record, then you may have run across the past Rails Recipes book or similar formulas for Rails < v3.0.  I just tweaked a formula I saw in that book to work with Rails 3 and here it is (This is designed to work on a Mac or most Linux flavors, Windows users, YMMV):

Create ~/.irbrc or add the following to your .irbrc, Mine is located at ~/.irbrc

if defined?(Rails) && Rails.env
  load File.dirname(__FILE__) + "/.railsrc"

Create ~/.railsrc or add the following to your ~/.railsrc:

def toggle_sql
  if ActiveRecord::Base.logger
    set_logger nil and return false
    set_logger and return true

def set_logger(logger)
  ActiveRecord::Base.logger = logger
set_logger nil # start with the normal logger

Then, when you’re in your rails console world, just call toggle_sql. It returns true if the sql will be on, and false if the sql will be off.

Please feel free to leave suggestions and improvements here as I am always open to these suggestions.

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