Google’s New Gmail Look

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m certainly in disgust at Google’s failing attempt to bring Gmail to Google+ style. It looks horrible and it makes me really sick (Kind of like some motion sickness I think, never had it until now). If anything, I think there’s a good reason to just bring Google+ closer to Gmail style. Gmail is usable, friendly and not cumbersome. Google+ is what it is, a second-rate attempt to take over the world which made no strides towards my removing links to both Twitter and Facebook, though it would have been nice.

Here’s an image of the Google+ Mail interface, as ugly as it is.


Here is a list of features that I didn’t like:

  1. The spacing is attrocious
  2. The themes aren’t working very well yet, I couldn’t get a decent theme to contrast well for the “complete” experience
  3. The ad at the top of the page is about the only thing that sticks out
  4. There is something about it that makes me sick to my stomach, I think similar to sea-sickness

Oh well, once again, there is no more decent email web interface providers; luckily for now, I can still go to settings -> old style link to get back to my favorite Gmail, Gmail styled interwebs email interface. Maybe someone could recreate Gmail and we can move our lives over to that email address once more. How nice would that be, for reals.

Checking out, saying goodbye to a decent era… My first Gmail email by the way, I received 12/13/2004. I wasn’t the first, but was well before the last. Enjoyed the last 7 years playing with an interface that is still well beyond it’s time.


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