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Spring Training in Full Swing!

Spring Training is in full swing now.  Training for a half marathon and loving it so far.  The legs don’t like it so much!  Here’s the training schedule (pukes)!

  1. Sunday – Long bike trying to match the duration of my long run.  Last week I did 16.5 miles on the trainer
  2. Monday – Easy 3 miles or Cross Train (Pick One). Last week I cross-trained on a running apparatus
  3. Tuesday – Bike.  Last week I went 10 miles on the trainer
  4. Wednesday – Hill Workouts (Yuck!) Last week we down the ladder.  Can’t wait to get to the point where I can go back up.
  5. Thursday – Easy 3 or Cross Train (Pick Opposite of Monday). Last week I did 2.1  miles @ 12:20 per
  6. Friday – Off. Yeah, I am taking this off
  7. Saturday – 5 miles TBD!

This is exciting. I’m meeting new people, even though I’m so shy.  Maybe they’ll read this and introduce themselves or something! :)

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