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Bricked or ? So I am Told

I went running Thursday and while everything seemed to work right, later in the run my legs wouldn’t spin as fast as I was trying to push them.  We decided that there were too many “impact” workouts during the week and nearing our 10K training program (starting August 6th), we decided to take a break from Insanity.  This will be on my plate this winter before Triathlon training begins next year.

Being the kind of person I am, I was really looking forward to measuring the gain from insanity in my running, but being a new runner leaves me less experience and a lot of questions when something like that happens.  It scared the heck out of me, but I’m not injured!

Stay tuned.

I’m Still Insane

Okay guys and gals looking to get into some intense activity, or beach body abs, or whatever your thing is.  I’ve finished day 3 of insanity and curiously awaiting my fate later today.  We’ve been doing insanity before our runs (approx 3 miles) until today, we’re going to flip it around. It’s already gotten easier.  Not sure if I’m taking too many breaks, but with this 12x exercising I’m doing a week, I really don’t know that I care.

Here’s some advice:

Get a foam roller, these help to relieve tightness in your muscles which may give you the feeling of soreness.  Use it whenever you can, but especially before you go to bed the night before.  It’s made all the difference in the world.  I didn’t get this exact one, but it looks to serve the same purpose.

Yesterday me: I’m not sure if I can keep it up

Today me: I feel much better today

I can’t wait to see if we can survive the entire first two weeks, which is what we’re both assuming are the hardest weeks of all of them.  I measure myself monthly, so I will definitely speak of my results in August.

Drink lots of water, get plenty of rest and make sure you don’t skip the stretch portions of any warmup routine you are doing.  I think this is pivotal in staying injury free.

Don’t Die on Me

I was bitten by the activity bug when I found out I was becoming an even better risk for blood pressure medicine.  To stave off the consequences of this type of medication (primarily the side effects and having to take it daily), I decided to get active.  Now I’m blogging about it.  Here is a video I found today, that talks about what changing one half hour of your day can equate to.  I have personally committed to about an hour average for myself, but this is a good starting point.

Going Insane

Today I took pictures and measurements in preparation for Insanity workouts and completed the first fit test.  The program had me gasping through the middle, praying for the arches of my feet and my heart beating well throughout with just enough downtime to recover effectively.

I will be using the blog to update status often, along with this commitment comes a want to post back results I can’t find.  I’m looking for 5k beginners time differences  before they have started insanity and after they have completed it.

Help keep me motivated, leave a comment here!

Other activities today are: 45 minutes of Tae Kwon Do, 1 mile benchmark run (which I don’t know if the run is going to happen before this coming Sunday).

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