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Mac Server Screen Sharing Not Accepting Password

If you’re like me, your Mac server is buried in a hole somewhere in your house and you don’t necessarily know where a monitor that will just port over to it so you can physically login. If this is you, you generally activate screen sharing when you need access directly; this time though, it’s not accepting your password. If for some reason this has just squashed out on you, don’t fret, ssh into your server, change to a root (sudo bash) and execute the following…

sudo /System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/ -activate -configure -access -on -users admin -privs -all -restart -agent -menu

Managing Tags Git

I use github to manage my personal projects, and I’m assuming this applies to pretty much any instance of git though. I was looking for an easy way to fully manage tags (creating and deleting them particularly). Here’s a good discussion of it on Stackoverflow:

The answer that seems easiest to me, and for a better explanation, check the link above is here.

First we will delete all tags from our local repo:

git tag -l | xargs git tag -d

Then I need to delete the tag on my remote branch when I’m doing some cleaning:

git push origin

Then you pull in the latest repo, and it will show your tags that haven’t been deleted prior:

git fetch

This is my workflow anyways, I look for this enough, thought I’d put it in my space :) .

Setting your Production Environment for Rails

Simple really, but I figure to share.

export RAILS_ENV=production

iPhone Explorer is Now iExplorer

I was looking for getting my music files off of my iPhone after I restored my iTunes computer and found this free application a ton of help. iExplorer was a dandy little FREE app that allowed me to browse straight to iDevice > Media > Music and copy all of the folders to a local place, where I was then able to import into iTunes.

Notice: So, you may notice a strange thing when doing this, it looks like all of your MP3′s are weirdly named and organized. Rest assured, when getting back to iTunes and re-synching with your iDevice, they appear normal.


Good listening, and cheers!

These guys are in the business of scamming now, I’m not sure I would support this product anymore.  Essentially, they pulled the helpful out of iExplorer and it now only shows JUNK that no one wants.  They made a couple new apps and put some really stupid nagging hoops to go through to get your stuff on your computer.

Another one bites the dust for the sake of a penny.  They claim it took them all this time to develop their software.  I think it probably did.  It was also provided as free haggle-free software.  It then cost them X more amount of money to put these nags in, nags which I can’t support.

I’ll update this thread if I find a better piece of software.

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