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ACC to 16 Teams, Conference Alignment

This is a very high level abstract opinion of what I’ve read and what I’d like to see out of the ACC’s recent expansions as well as potential expansion to 16 teams. I’m not into much of the politics in football and feel that politics are better left alone. So this is a chance to increase revenue, provide our empty hopes a chance at a small time “playoff” and in all I feel it would be better for our conference.

The first key to this division is to allow the teams to split up into pods, which will require the addition of two more teams. At the time of this writing there are 14 teams planned in the conference realignment, and I’m proposing to add two more. Which two, I leave up to other posts or analysts that care more. I just hope to see some clout teams come aboard, like Penn State, Notre Dame or the other Texas, Texas Tech that I’ve read around.

Split the team into 4 divisions or pods. Of these four pods, each of the pods would play the other teams in the pod every single year. This adds 3 conference games that are required, and 5 more needed to fill the slots.

For sakes sake, let’s put them into North, South, East and West. Every year, for lets say 3 years, one pod will rotate playing games against all of the teams in an adjacent pod. North will play South this year, East next year and West the year after. This is 7 conference games in total now for each team in each pod. We will leave the other game up for debate as to whether it should be reserved for a rivalry game or similar.

At the end of the year, there will be number teams in each pod. We will take, based on some ranking (wins, tie breakers, BCS standing or the like) and determine a seed. For sake of this argument, let’s let the North get Seed 1, South gets Seed 2, East Seed 3 and West Seed 4. Our championship will go like this; North plays West; South Plays East. The winner of these two games would play each other in one the championship game and this would determine our champion.

I hope this helps to add the 2 more teams to make the ACC “THE” super conference.

Caroline Says Dada (Updated)

Here’s a video of my daughter who apparently was missing me a lot today. Eat your heart out mama!!! Email Virus

I’ll upload a screen shot of this soon, but in case you’re wondering what the latest virus to hit my email box was, it was an email saying that they had shipped my order of a WAY overpriced logitech quick cam and a decently overpriced external hard drive ($207 & $227 respectively).

There was a link, that said that it went to, but the under link actually pointed to a zip file at  Be very wary if you click a link that appears to go to a website, but instead downloads a file to your computer.  If you made the mistake of downloading it, then I recommend not unzipping it. I did not confirm that this was definitely a virus, but it is certainly fishy, considering we didn’t order this merchandise.

Here is the virus laden link (DO NOT DOWNLOAD unless researching):

Here is a pic of the email:

Funnel Cakes with Missy and Eddie

We decided to make some funnel cakes with a couple friends of ours. These turned out to be delicious, and not too long to prepare. If you have accommodations for more oil, it is probably less than 6-8 minutes per funnel cake.

Funnel Cke Picture

Yummy goodness


Ingredients: 2 eggs, 1.5 cups milk, 2 cups sifted all purpose flour, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, 1 cup of oil, powdered sugar and cinnamon


  1. Sift flour, baking powder, salt and sugar
  2. Beat eggs separately, add milk, vanilla and stir
  3. Add flour mixture to liquids and beat until smooth
  4. Heat oil to approximately 350 degrees
  5. Pour enough mixture into pan using a sweeping motion back and forth, then side to side
  6. 3 -5 minutes on each side
  7. Remove from heat, pat dry and sprinkle with powdered sugar, and cinnamon
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