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A San Francisco Experience

This is the first of a few postings I will be writing about during my trip to San Francisco. I haven’t been there in a while, but I know a lot of my friends wanted to hear more about what I did while I was there.

During one break we went out on the street near where I worked and saw this guy who was a one man band. It was absolutely awesome, and he was probably the most popular pan handler I saw while I was there.

He played drums with his legs (including at least a base and hi hat), with Harmonica, Guitar and singing. Hear, I did get a video, check it out.

Amazin Musical Polyglot

Caroline Belle (TEETH)

I’ve got to get a video of my baby girl again soon, as my traffic always spikes when I’m showing off her beautiful smile.

She is not even 8 months old and in popped her 6th tooth yesterday. I didn’t know babies could get teeth so fast.

Added Custom HurlMe Urls for TwitterFeed

Really, the point of this post is to announce err, test that my url shortening service works. For those that don’t know it already, I own a neat little side project that gets buzz from time to time. I’ve always used twitterfeed to share it with Facebook and Twitter, and using Friends always asked why I use, so I’m happy to announce now that I don’t.

Happy hunting guys. To get the short url, it you’re interested (under advance settings in TwitterFeed):

Delete All Files Within Last Hour Bash Linux

This is a useful little command when trying to only delete the files that are more than an hour old. I use this tactic for true temporary directories where I don’t want to corrupt files that are currently writing or reading, which happens within the first 60 minutes of a file existing.

find dir/file-pattern --mmin +60 -exec rm -f {} \;
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