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Must Have Ruby Resources

As a recent devotee to Ruby and in particular Ruby On Rails (RoR), I get many questions from my friends and acquaintances around what resources they should focus on for mastering Ruby on Rails.  I would mention also that mastery comes with much play, but after you get a basic hang of it, you can certainly see how Ruby on Rails makes life a little simpler.  With my Java background and my .Net experience, Ruby, Rails, while tough to master, was definitely (and infinitely) more beneficial in my ability to spin up applications in no time.


  1. Programming Ruby 1.9
  2. Agile Web Development with Rails (AWDR)
  3. The RSpec Book
  4. Metaprogramming with Ruby (**Be careful as this technique is often abused)
  5. Html5 and CSS3 (since RoR 3+ is using these techniques)


  1. Railscasts with Ryan Bates
  2. Peepcode with many major contributors
  3. Ruby API
  4. Rails API

** means very advanced techniques, practicing should be done with extreme caution
*** always make sure to get the latest editions of books

There are many other great resources I run across daily.  If I often visit a place to solve my problems, I will post them on this here blog.  Please feel free to respond in comment with your favorite resources.  I enjoy learning new stuff.

Two Must-Have Bookmarks

As a developer, regardless of tier (front end with Javascript) or middle layer with PHP, Ruby and some other favorite scripting languages, these sites can really help troubleshoot, prototype and develop scripts, widgets and other helpful stuff easier.

  1. JS Fiddle – You can play with, edit and tweak javascript all day long to prototype and show off to your users different strategies for problems, getting immediate feedback, long before you are all-in.
  2. Rubular – You can play with and tweak super fast regex scripts to your hearts content. This site has been pivital in defining regex patterns for many advanced scenarios that I use almost daily.

These sites are just a couple that I have run across that have made my life much more useful.  Have at them, and feel free to share when you too are #hooked.

Quick non-Unicode Javascript/jQuery Replace

Sometimes there are issues persisting between unicode and non-unicode resources.  One possible solution is to replace unicode characters with their non-unicode counterparts.  Here is a simple replace that uses regex to match a unicode character (u+2010) and replace it with the rather harmless “-” (dash). 

$("input[type=text]").live("change", function(){

You can actually rinse and repeat this technique for other unicode issues as well as other types of inputs, like textareas, pretty easily.  I won’t cover other issues because this can get to be a very touchy subject and I’m not really looking for a full fledged answer to all problems in this universe at the time being.

Writing it down for future reference. 

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