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Parellels Cohesion and Images with WLW

This is just a test of a simple image, to test the cohesive mode Parrellels with Windows 7 and WLW 2008.  Does it look just as nice?

Picture 2

Well so it’s not as simple as just only using a windows computer, however, if you don’t mind just browsing to an image and knowing how to find it, then this definitely beats all the manual stuff involved on a Mac only platform.  Still need to try boingo or whatever, let me know if you have any suggestions.

Basically, you can’t just drag and drop from Mac OS Desktop to the Cohesion WLW running.  This was the only disappointment.

Ok, No Ecto, Hail Windows Livewriter

After doing some research on the possible tools and image issues among (what seems to be) all Mac Blog writing software, I have decided to go to WLW.  This is going to allow me to automatically put well formed images on my blog.  It doesn’t really matter who you are, if you can’t support FTP Image uploads with decent formatting out of the box, then maybe you should reconsider selling your product. 

That is one of the annoyances I have noticed with Mac.  Developers get a rich feature set of free tools, however, you have to pay for most essential tools that make the tedious tasks more difficult.

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Macintosh Blog Software

This is my first post with the MacBook Pro. It has been a while since I have had a Windows Livewriter blog since the switch to Mac and Leopard OS. From here on out, I need to find better ways to maintain it, since I was so used to that. Today, I am going to start working with Ecto, I have 17 days of trial so I hope to publish at least 2 or three. Some with pictures and others with files, to do the normal tutorial/informational type blogs that you have been accustomed to seeing here at my site.

Stay tuned for more.

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