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Google App Engine Supports Java

I was perusing around earlier and noticed that Google’s App Engine now supports the Java Language.  It said New! next to it,  so I figured, why not blog it.

Here is a link to the Google App Engine.

Read more at their app engine blog.

I certainly look forward at trying to leverage their hosting services at some point in the future.  I will also be considering Amazon’s EC2, as well as Microsoft’s Azure.  Most of my sites are in ASP.NET but wouldn’t be entirely impossible to refactor at this point.  What would you do?

A Dog Named Bo? Dear President Obama:

I am sure this won’t reach the people that need to see it, but maybe, just maybe, I can explain why to NEVER name a dog Bo.  My dog is named Bo, and he is about hard headed.  We realized this issue first when potty training, as we try to train them by saying “No”.  We learned after a year or two that “No” rhymes with “Bo”.  We now have to say something like “Ot” or “Awk” to train him properly.

To all of those that want a dog named the same thing as a President’s, please do not name your dog “Bo”.  Name him something with more than 1 syllable and certainly not anything that rhymes with “No”.  As for the President, I am sure that he has more than the necessary hype to have a trainer that can train him perfectly. 

For the President himself, I certainly hope that your dog turns out perfect.  If he ends up thinking that pooping on the carpet is a good thing, I am glad you have your own cleaning crew.  Myself on the other-hand, will make sure that my SMALL audience doesn’t name their dog Bo.  I prefer my alternate name (after the fact) of BoDawg.

I certainly hope you find great companionship from your new puppy.  I definitely do. 

Sleep Overs! Fun Birthdays!

How to have a successful sleep over.  I am sitting here as 10 girls throw their pillows around and wonder whose bright idea this was.  Oh, it was mine.  I am in for one heck of a night.  Here is what our agenda has been and it worked out rather well.  At 6pm we started accepting our daughters friends (she is a first grader) and just about everyone in her class with a few extras are here.

After initially accepting them here, we made sure to get all of the parents “tonight” contact information for emergencies and other things if necessary!  We then started out with Little Caesar’s pizza.  After the pizza we let them run ra,pant and play for about 10 or 15 minutes.

Next thing up, arts and crafts.  What a blast they had with this, what kind of contraptions can they come up with now?  After this BLAST we decided to do a Cherades and this was a ton of fun.  The girls and boys alikke really enjoyed this as they all guessed what it was at the TOPS of their voices.

Now it is time for the local pillow fight, change into jammies and shortly there will be a movie.  Will they settle down?  I am not sure.  One thing I know is they are absolutely having a blast.  This one is hopefully one for the ages!

I recommend this activity for any 7 year old.  They are at the age where they will have an absolute blast and remember what fun it was for the REST of their lives.  Keep them busy and wear them out; then move in for the rest of the night with a calm movie and quiet alas.

Excited to Release Assembly.Web

Are you tired of obfuscation from all these new fancy languages?  A small team of my developers here in the midwest finally got tired of it and after some serious debates we designed Assembly (dot) Web, spelled Assembly.Web.  This new framework has absolutely no overhead and it is cross platform (works on …Windows 3.+, Unix, IBM, and all other technologies  here…

Stay tuned for the official projects home page later today.

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