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Planet Doggiewood

The first site I have done for a public facing customer is Planet Doggiewood.  This is a small Dog Daycare and Boarding service in Rainbow City Alabama.  They have a beautiful site and many great features and attractions that you won’t find at any other dog service facilities.  Stop by and check it out, leave a note here if you have any questions about this service or to leave feedback on the site. 


JQuery $.getJSON Internet Explorer (IE) cache ASP.NET MVC

So I was getting a little frustrated when trying to find an answer (client-side) to the issue that I had on a new tutorial I am writing.  Usually if I find something tedious, but easy, I try to post a short write up.  I was creating a Math application for my daughter, that presents her with 2 single digit numbers to add, once entered, you push enter and if right, the application dynamically gathers a new random question from the server.  On IE, this was fairly straightforward.  Here is my Javascript, using JQuery and ASP.NET MVC to respond with a C# Object for parsing in the browser.

function getProblem() {
 // Here is the invoke
 // This is the method to pass it back to.
 var d = new Date();
 $.getJSON("MathPractice/Get?" + d.getMilliseconds(), showProblem);

Notice that the normal method should just be $.getJSON(“MathPractice/Get”, responseMethodName);.  This was working flawlessly in Mozilla, but noticed that in IE it never had new values.  IE looks in the cache first to get the answer to this question, and oops that doesn’t work.  So what I did to alleviate is I added the Date() to it as a query string to make sure that it isn’t going to cache the result.  There is another way to do it via ASP.NET MVC, however this is the easiest fix.

Michael Phelps, Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, Etc.

I was listening to Michael Phelps today, and wow does he do a good job of settling the media.  He did something wrong, he knows it, and he confesses in no time with a statement to the press.  No wonder this guy didn’t lose all of his endorsements, and how humane the response has been to his unfortunate maturity level as far as social fun goes.  This has caused him quite the ordeal.  So what can we get from this?

Let me mention that first of all, you should never put illegal substances into your body, furthermore, you should never put foreign substances there that are not normal (like smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol). 

Why does America or the World forgive Michael Phelps for what he has done?  He confessed his mistake and let everyone know that it was exactly that, a mistake.  It is also notable to mention that hearing his live, on camera interviews has showed that he is genuinely disappointed that he did this (NOT only disappointed that he was caught).  How many times do you make mistakes?  Hind sight tells me that I err more often than I don’t, not in an illegal manner, but there is errors in a lot that I do, so much so that I can’t even list them all here.  I believe that when a mistake is made, confessing your mistake as soon as you notice it is the most admirable and honest thing to do, it also lets me sleep better at night.

Barry Bonds was caught and is now in bigger trouble because he insisted on lying, though the public knows what the truth is, they by know means accept the way that Bonds handled it.  Mark McGuire, well I thought he was a shoe into the Hall of Fame, but his 5th year retired, 6th and 7th have now gone by with no consolation.In the news recently, as soon as it was announced another big star in Alex Rodriguez was mad, but he did face the audience, so will he go to  the Hall before Mark does? 

So what can we take away from this?  With the exception of Lance Armstrong and Michael Jordan, there aren’t many more prestigious athletes these days as Michael Phelps.  Especially on the heels of the steroid allegations in professional sports, much of the previous prestige has dwindled into little.  It is best to be honest and up front and know that it may not be the easiest thing to face up to, but it is almost always the best way to go about it.  Will you just refer to Mr. Phelps as “just another dope”, or can he be what he really is, “just another child that made a dumb mistake”?  I hope that he goes for 8 more in the next Olympics (though he has only said he will go for fewer).  I am behind Michael, are you?

Java Practice

Whether it’s C# or Java, when it comes to programming, I just can’t get enough.  One of the major struggles I have is finding enough time for all that I want to do.  So where do I go when I want a real quick shot of fun?  I like to visit Javabat for a real quick shot of all types of programs.  It is a web based playground for those of us that don’t have enough time to freshen up on our skills.

Recursion in Java was one of the topics that got me, when I first started ten years (or 12) ago, I went to a programming competition invitational, where the team failed to complete one program.  Our team ended up finishing 2nd and had we known recursion (and practiced with it), we would have won the competition.  So I go to Javabat and practice this technique when I can for fun, they have simple recursion and more difficult concepts in recursion.

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