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Using Windows Live Writer

So I redid my blog today, realizing that SubText would be releasing an MVC Version of the weblog, I decided that I would go ahead and get into it now.  It is most likely more powerful then my original blog that I wrote using ASP.NET MVC and I believe in typing as little as possible.  So there is one thing that I was extremely impressed with.  To get Subtext (2.1.x) to work with Live Writer, just:

  1. Point it at your blog’s base directory
  2. Insert your Username and Password
  3. Click next or finish
  4. On the first publish, I put a small picture in it
  5. When you are prompted (after clicking publish), set up your FTP information
  6. Make a directory for your pictures
  7. Make sure your links point to that directory
  8. You are now off to the races

I was extremely impressed with the ease of this task.  Kudos to those that are doing Subtext.  They are definitely doing it right.

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