Palm Trees

Wonderland Florida in November!

Palm Trees

Palm trees in paradise, Jupiter, Florida

Family Photo

Photo in Florida with the family.

Family Photo

My lovely family in a self portrait while visiting grand parents in Florida.

Technical Desktop – A Beautiful non-IDE

iTerm2 and MacVim with dark themes. Smokin.

See Some Code
Technical Desktop – A Beautiful non-IDE

I love to solve problems with programming

Alive & Kicking

My name is Jeff Ancel, and this is my personal home on the web.  I lead a fairly open life on the web and hope you find everything you need right here on this site.  My hobbies include Active Lifestyle, Open Source Software, Family Life, Mobile Development and Cardinal’s Baseball.

I’m a handy man to have around.  I don’t work on gutters or toilets, but I do photography, technical troubleshooting and web application development from the Architecture outward.


I write about a bunch of random crap when I have spare time.  Spare time comes in chunks, and often my non-technical writing blows chunks.  If you’re interested in the different phases of my life, look at the posting timelines.


One day recruiters will stop asking me for a résumé, when they read my real website and realize that I’m just too busy to go on useless interviews.  Please make sure you’re interested in me first.  I will only consider the most enticing and matching opportunities.


I love to spend time with my family.  When running became a big time consumer for me, the kids joined in.  Now we all run.  I think they look at me as a dedicated, loving and passionate father.  I also code, this is what I do to keep my brain spinning.

Contribute to Open Source

Without the open source community we have, the software world would not have grown nearly as fast.  It’s the new way.  When done properly, your company can actually profit greatly from both using open source and creating open source. To start, click on the button to the right, and chose a popular github project and just dig in!

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